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FILA Kids’ Fashion – The Best Choice For Young Talents

You better start at a young age if you want to make it to Centre Court. Sports and streetwear manufacturer FILA knows what makes for a great tennis outfit. The Italian cult label has been producing high-quality tennis apparel for more than 60 years now. FILA’s international breakthrough happened in the ’70s thanks to the legendary pinstripe look of Björn Borg’s tennis polo. This is when trendsetters of the famous US hip-hop scene discovered the label and took sporty styles out to the streets. Nowadays, FILA is celebrating an amazing retro comeback, combining self-confidence with a scoop of self-irony. Massive logo prints on men’s shirts and ultra-chunky trainers à la Disruptor are not to be missed when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

Shoes For Trendy Kids In The Online Store

Since the smallest ones like to take a closer look at what trendsetters and influencers are wearing, FILA has designed a wide range of fashion items just for kids. Shirts, shoes, shorts and trousers: Purchase the hottest FILA kids’ fashion for your child in our online store. Designed in the classic ’70s FILA look, the kids’ shoes FILA Orbit Velcro Low JR remind us of tennis of bygone days but have evolved into an absolute street-worthy fashion statement that comes in various colours, such as trendy rosé gold. When it comes to sports, you will find the right FILA accessories for your children. The FILA kids’ running shoe with its sturdy lacing, for example, ensures maximum stability at the midfoot and looks extremely stylish, too.

The Best Tennis Clothes For Your Child

When it comes to eye-catchers at the FILA online shop for children, the tennis apparel simply wins the gold medal. We also have a kids’ shirts line, featuring our super trendy huge logo prints. The FILA Skort Sally Kids tennis skirts with a minimalistic logo emblem at the front and integrated tights not only make for great style but also captivate thanks to the retro charm of tennis legend and FILA pioneer Monica Seles. See for yourself and find your own inspiration in our vast range of functional sportswear and versatile streetwear for kids at the online store. Order trendy tennis apparel, which will make your child a star on and off court


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