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FILA underwear – High-tech Materials with a Sporty Style

FILA’s history goes back over 100 years. Founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers, it provided the local population with high-quality clothes. Inspired by the location at the border of the Italian Alps, knitwear and underwear were the focus. The experience gained made it obvious to produce sportswear, which brought with it the first big hype in the company’s history. In the 70s, tennis ace Björn Borg was included in FILA's "White Line" collection and won numerous tournaments. Following this, FILA secured a place in the clothing selection of various athletes from Monica Seles to Ingemar Stenmark to Reinhold Messner. The second hype came in the '90s, when FILA was worn in hip-hop in casual streetwear styles. Now we’re back – in streetwear, on fashion blogs and on the runway. Our core competence is there: high-quality underwear for men.

Comfortable and Sporty Underwear for Men

The FILA boxers are available individually or in a double pack. The fine cotton quality provides the best wearing comfort. The high-quality material allows the underwear to adjust comfortably, without pinching. Fitting the current logomania, on the elastic waistband is our legendary FILA logo with colours interwoven. The boxer also comes with decorative seams in a cool colour combination. Our underwear is almost too beautiful to be hidden. This way, you can combine the pants with casual-fitting tracksuit trousers and let the waistband peek out. But the boxer is a good choice even under tight-fitting trousers due to its comfortable fit. In sports, underwear is a comfortable companion for strenuous training.

Order Streetwear and Underwear Online

We set trends and deliver street styles with distinctive designs. You can choose between functional shirts, classic polos or trendy shirts with a cool logo print. When it gets a bit chilly, our jackets will get you covered. You can accentuate your own style even more with our accessories and bags. For over 60 years, we have been developing functional sportswear with that little something. In a way that allows you to always suit your needs when training calls. The character of our sportswear is legendary. You can wear it in sports and leisure and combine it in many ways. If you want to feel completely the blend of comfort of style, you can now order our underwear online.

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