The latest FILA trends

The company FILA was originally founded in 1911 in a small Italian Alpine village. At the beginning, the Fila brothers only wanted to provide underwear and woollens for the inhabitants of their village. This was later followed by specialisation in sportswear, which brought the company an international breakthrough in the 1970s. Especially in the ’90s, combining casual clothes in a sporty style attracted many fans, such as the rapper 2Pac. He brought the brand closer to an entire younger generation by wearing FILA’s iconic tracksuits and trainers. Today, the cult brand is back, and stronger than ever. FILA inspires fashion gurus and fashion bloggers all over the world. An appearance at the Milan Fashion Week in September 2018 was the highlight.

Buy Trendy Collections Online: Ninetissimo and Retro Tech

FILA sets strong trends with its latest collections. The Ninetissimo collection pays homage to the ’90s and throws in some modern style elements. Besides the classic colours of FILA, you will also find other colourful pieces for men and women. The shirts, jackets and trousers are entirely in tune with the logomania trend and present the distinctive FILA logo in large boxes on the chest or as lettering on the sides of the clothes. The Retro Tech collection for men also follows this pattern. Full-on black and white, the items have a sporty look and are made of breathable and air-permeable fabric. The highlight of this collection is the contrasting inserts on the sides.

All the Rage with Chunky Trainers

What was once trendy in the ’90s is now an essential part of many trainer fans: Chunky trainers are conquering the shoe racks and the runway. At the forefront, there is Disruptor, a new edition of the cult shoe from the ’90s, which got the "2018 Shoe of the Year" award. Its thick rippled sole attracts attention and is extremely comfortable. On the other hand, the V94M looks very sporty with its elevated front sole. With its distorted FILA logo, the Mindblower looks more futuristic on the outer part of the shoe. The Ray has a curved design of wavy lines and seams wrapped around the shoe. Find the shoe that works best for you now. You can buy all FILA trends in the online shop.

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