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Retro Tech by FILA - Streetwear Meets Sporty Retro Style

The iconic FILA is back. With the current trend revisiting retro style and ’90s sportswear towards urban street style, FILA is now coming back strongly after the brand has been in the sports segment for the past few years. Originally influenced by the nature of the Italian mountain region, FILA first started in 1911 in everyday clothing before taking over sports fashion. Whether tennis, basketball, climbing or swimming, the distinctive designs with high functionality speak for themselves. The strong recognition value comes from the clear and large logo print, which inspires bloggers, influencers and fashion gurus alike. In addition, FILA recently debuted at the Milan Fashion Week with its first own collection. Get these trends together with the Retro Tech collection. They’ll work like a charm.

High Performance and Casual Style for Men

Speaking of perfect match: Inspired by boxing, FILA introduces the trendy Retro Tech collection. The items combine a casual retro style with top-rated, high-tech materials that we know from the sports segment. The trendy items from Retro Tech are based on the legendary streetwear by FILA and easy to match. You can wear them as a sporty outfit or make an urban street style favourite with accessories. The pieces are plain and two-coloured. Therefore, a timeless classic in design. On the sides, you’ll find sophisticated coloured prints. The logo prints come in the usual FILA colours. The Retro Tech collection for men includes a long-sleeved jumper, the tee 1/2 sleeve, the breathable track jacket, the casual track trousers and the padded jacket for the cold weather.

Order Sporty Accessories and Shoes Online

Consistent with the Retro Tech collection, you can perfectly pair the items with the iconic Disruptor. In the current chunky trainer trend, it is the new edition of a ’90s classic. Offering a wide range of colours, it is a current must-have for trainer enthusiasts. Its concise, thick, rippled sole makes it a perfect match with casual and sporty streetwear styles. In addition, the materials used ensure maximum wearing comfort and a pleasant walking sensation. The Disruptor is the current favourite of the fashion world and was accurately distinguished as “2018 shoe of the year” by Footwear News. You can order your new favourite shoe along with hot items from the Retro Tech collection online.

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