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In 1911, the Fila brothers opened their clothing shop. They had no clue that they had laid the cornerstone for a company that would celebrate worldwide success with sporty styles in the distinctive FILA design more than 100 years later. Because of their proximity to the Alps, the brothers focused on producing high-quality clothing and underwear that would withstand the demands of everyday life and the weather. Driven by the desire for innovation, FILA specifically developed sportswear and achieved its first mass success in the ’70s. The “White Line” collection stood out from the usual, full-white outfit on the tennis courts and became a complete success. In the ’90s, FILA appeared in the cool hip-hop street style, which heralded the triumphal march in casual looks. Today, FILA is more popular than ever thanks to its casual looks and maximum wearing comfort.

Fashion Add-on #1: Striking Bags & Backpacks for Women

Our bags & backpacks benefit from years of experience in the development of sportswear and streetwear. Therefore, they are not only functional, but they set stylish accents, too. The iconic waist bag is small but fine. As a slim bum bag, it stores your most important belongings and accompanies you on festivals or jogging. Timelessly elegant, the barrel bag is a spacious alternative when you’re out doing sports or travelling over the weekend. With its strong retro design, it quickly becomes your new sporty companion for exciting adventures. The classic backpack comes in various versions and perfectly adapts to your individual look. Whether in a classic S’cool form with a sporty dress or a hip Stockholm style - find out which of our women’s bags & backpacks suits you the best.

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Suitable for our bags & backpacks in retro style, our shoes are a stylish spectacle coming to life again. In the current Chunky trainer trend, the FILA Ray is a tribute to our huge success, the Disruptor. Both shoes provide character and a pleasant running feeling with their striking and extra-thick soles. The Ray is in motion and expresses this through the curved seams in elegant colour combinations. The coloured ribbons on the heel and tongue provide an easy on and off. If you are looking for even more character, you will find it with the signature ripple sole the Disruptor features. Further refined details, such as the special lacing, make this chunky trainer a real eye-catcher. You can shop our trendy bags & backpacks online to match your new favourite shoe.

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