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FILA is one of the swimwear and sportswear brands that need no special introduction. A cult brand for decades, FILA was founded in Northern Italy in 1911, its popularity reaching its peak in 1974 thanks to the cooperation with the tennis superstar Björn Borg. At that time, when white sports shirts dominated the world of tennis, FILA surprised everyone with its colourful accents. This has started a new movement in sportswear that ensured the rapid expansion of one of the most fashionable streetwear brands in the 1990s — with hip-hop superstars like 2Pac all decked out in FILA! In 2018, FILA celebrated its catwalk debut during the Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with fashion designer Fendi, that borrowed cult brand's label for their own collection. Today FILA is one of the most successful brands, thanks to its nostalgic retro look combined with modern designs. Worn by celebrities like ASAP Rocky or Rihanna, FILA remains one of the most sought-after streetwear brands.

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FILA is well-known for its stylish and sporty image. With retro styles reaching the peak of popularity, FILA remains one of the unquestionable leaders in this area. Apart from the legendary sweaters and shoes, FILA Online Shop offers a wide variety of swimwear for women— like FILA Jackie Body and various bikini sets. The swimwear line is known thanks to the classic look with a simple colour range, all accentuated with an eye-catching FILA logo. The logo adorns each element, providing a unique recognition value. All bikini sets and swimwear are made of polyester and elastane. The material offers a high level of flexibility, and therefore is particularly comfortable to wear.

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In addition to bikini sets and one-piece swimsuits, the swimwear category offers indispensable beach accessories like towels, essential after that refreshing jump into cold water! For those who want to look great on their way to the pool, we also offer a wide variety of fashion statement items. From the recent It-Piece, the Chunky Sneaker, to classic retro FILA sweatshirts, FILA’s Online-Shop offers a large selection of sportswear items. Complete the look with casual jeans for an everyday look, or wear it with sweatpants for a laid-back style, and add FILA Rolltop backpack, to store your towel and the swimwear. Stay in fashion with FILA.

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