2021 marks FILA's 110th anniversary and to celebrate its iconic heritage with over a century of Playing With Style the brand revisits the past to reimagine the future.

From the courts. To the streets. To the summit.

As the brand FILA has always remained committed to making a statement about individuality, power, and Playing With Style. Continuously joined forces with those proud of their craft and confident enough to break new ground.
For this season FILA asks creative minds and visiual storytellers what Playing With Style means to them, and how they express their individuality through their vibrant fits and active lifestyle.


"As a soccer player you just have to think about working hard and with perseverance because nobody will give you anything for free. Go even stronger despite everything and never give up is my motto."

Football player Martina Piemonte based in Florence, Italy.


"I love playing around with old second hand garments, borrow clothes from my friends and mix with really nice design or collab pieces. It's very emotional when I get started in the closet."

Model Klara Kassman based in Stockholm, Sweden.


"For me, Playing With Style means being able to express myself through my style with authenticity. It is a way to connect with people with whom I share the same vision and share good times!"

Training entrepreneur Hiitcho based in Paris, France.


“For me Playing With Style is transitional. It's always about key pieces that are comfortable, sporty but also functional. In my day to day, I'm often incorporating my fitness clothes into every day looks.”
Fitness girl Juliette based in Bremen, Germany


“An artist stands out in several respects. One of these is clothing. I give it a lot of importance because, personally, it is the first thing I notice in an artist. Fashion is created to be followed by many, but style is what characterizes a person and for me Playing With Style does not mean following fashion, but having my own style every day!"

Music artist Luna Melis based on Sardinia, Italy


"For me it's important to have style on a bike because in general for people who love cycling like me, the bike and the person are one. The style when you are on the bike is very important, for example: video, photo etc. People think that when you cycle, you're just in a shirt or jogging, but no, and I try to show that on a bike you can be style as you want and evolve in what you like. For my part, I like cycling and fashion and I try to synchronize everything and that gives my originality."

Cyclist and cool kid Daryl based in Paris, France