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Tennis Accessories for Men at FILA Europe

With FILA tennis accessories, you’re on the right track when you step into the court. FILA is known for its wide range of superior and stylish men’s tennis apparel. In addition to suitable clothing, shoes and socks, FILA also offers a wide range of accessories. With the tennis accessories from FILA, every wish comes true and amazing looks will be guaranteed on the court. The sporty tennis style of FILA is also extremely popular outside the court and has a long tradition. Tennis superstar Björn Borg laid the foundation for the new style. The five-time Wimbledon champion entered the court wearing a training jacket by FILA and stood out from his competitors with its unique design. Since the ’70s, FILA has become one of the most popular brands for tennis.

Order Training Sweatbands Online

With the sweatbands by FILA, you are always on the move. Because it can get really sweaty during a challenging tennis match. The wet sweaty layer on your hands can seriously affect the grip on your tennis racket. FILA's sweatbands give you a secure hold and provide enough sturdiness. In addition, our sweatbands protect the muscles from rapid cool-down. This is because sweaty arms quickly run the risk of cooling down too quickly due to the evaporative effect. This can cause the muscles to tense up during tennis matches and the risk of injury increases. Sweatbands are also important for the forehead, as when there is a lot of sweat, moisture can drip from the forehead into the eyes and thus obstruct view during the match. This is why FILA offers you a great selection of functional tennis accessories available online.

Cool caps for men

Whether for the next match or for training - FILA caps for men will give you a classy look for your tennis game. The FILA Caps feature a curvy sunshade and a contrasting FILA logo embroidery. The high-quality design ensures a perfect fit on the head and guarantees excellent wearing comfort. In addition to functional accessories for men, you can also find classic tennis shirts, trousers and shorts on our online shop. With FILA’s tennis apparel, you can create a sporty look that gives you plenty of freedom of movement and looks fantastic at the same time. Not only will your tennis outfit be a sporty eye-catcher during matches, but it’ll also put you at the very top of modern fashion. Apart from the perfect outfit, the right shoes are a must when it comes to tennis. Discover our men’s collection online now.

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