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FILA and tennis are a good team. Since the 1970s, FILA has been a synonym for comfortable tennis apparel that provides support in terms of sporting excellence and authentic design. FILA accompanied tennis legend Björn Borg when he won several Grand Slam titles while wearing a FILA look. To this day, aces and rising stars have been laying their trust in FILA’s high-quality tennis apparel. From Monica Seles and Boris Becker to Kim Clijsters and Karolina Pliskova, many professionals stick with FILA. We are also highly involved in tennis itself, for example, as an outfitter of ball boys and linesmen at tournaments or as a sponsor of qualified tennis schools. From head to toe, our performant pieces, shoes, clothes and accessories, make for a wholesome equipment.

Timeless and Fashionable Women’s Accessories

For more than 60 years now, we have been developing high-quality tennis apparel. Practical accessories are no exception to this rule. Our eye-catching wristband with colourful accents will assist you during sweaty matches. Depending on the weather, our headgear can serve as a sunscreen while offering protection against moisture and sweat. Our caps in authentic FILA style are a classic and useful companion off-court, too. A headband or bandana, whichever you prefer, will keep your sight free for the nitty-gritty of tennis. These trendy pieces come in a number of fashionable colours. Our visors are not only useful headgear on court but will also make for a great addition to trendy urban streetwear outfits. The women’s accessories from our tennis collection are designed to underline your individual and authentic style.

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Our accessories are the perfect addition to your sporty tennis looks and our current trending themes. An athletic look, featuring one of our skorts and pullovers, will have you perfectly dressed for a workout just like for a relaxed picnic outdoors. The latest dress designs from our Ninetissimo collection will make you awaken dynamic and urban vibes. If you’re more in the mood for a bold mix of styles, our accessories perfectly fit a fancy dress and the iconic chunky trainers. These are a total must-have for fashionistas and not only trendy but extremely comfortable, too. The Disruptor has been named "2018 Shoe of the Year" by Footwear News. Mix and match your new look and find your favourite accessories on our online shop.

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