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More than 100 years ago, the Fila brothers opened their first store in Biella. With Italian craftsmanship, they equipped the local population with elegant and sporty fashion for everyday life. The vision to become a global sportswear brand accompanied the brothers from early stages and became a growing reality in the ’60s. One decade later, FILA conquered the tennis court with functional, concise, high-quality apparel for top athletic performance. In the following decades, FILA was worn in swimming and even on Mount Everest by Reinhold Messner. In the ’90s, FILA was an essential part of streetwear in the hip hop movement. Today, FILA is more present than ever on sports fields, fashion blogs and catwalks worldwide. For you to experience the quality of FILA longer, you can take care of your items with Care & Co.

Care & Co. for Sporty Men’s Favourite Items

Your favourite pieces are always there to accompany you, be it for sports or everyday life. With Care & Co., you can make sure they last a ton more. The Premium Shoe Fresh & Dry neutralises strong scents when it gets hot on the court. The moisture is quickly wicked away and the comfort perfected by the climate control, to keep your feet as dry as possible. If you are out and about without our casual shoes, the Premium Silky Skin Spray will keep your feet dry and supple. That way, you can run gently barefoot through the day. To protect your clothes from moisture and dirt, our waterproofing sprays offer a long-lasting effect for different material combinations. Should something stick to your shoes, just remove it with the Wet & Soft cleaning spray. With the Premium Wash detergent, you can remove impurities and ensure a renewal of the protective layer of our functional textiles.

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In the current Ninetissimo collection, the concise and trendy FILA logo stays in casual styles with functional comfort, following the logo-print trend. This way, you can wear the Talmon Woven Trousers for sports in cooler temperatures or match them in a nonchalant street style as fashion tracksuit trousers. The low-cut Mindblower trainer comes as a playful-sporty shoe and can be worn to the appropriate sports looks or business-casual. Our pieces from the Retro Tech collection combine the retro trend with functional high-tech materials. If you want to take good care of the items you so cherish, you can simply order online off Care & Co.

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