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FILA Women’s Fashion – For Athletic and Fashionable Women

It was over 100 years ago that the brothers Fila founded their then small fashion label in the Italian Alps. A lot has happened since 1911. Nowadays, FILA primarily represents functional sports clothing and iconic streetwear with a vintage look. The brand’s transformation from an underwear manufacturer to the famous fashion label it is today is owed to, among others, tennis stars such as Björn Borg or Kim Clijsters. The sporty street style items found their way through ’90s teens. FILA, meanwhile, transformed itself into an iconic brand. Once there, the label presented itself in September 2018 at the Milan Fashion Week to impress the crowd. You can now buy the exclusive fashion week collection for women in the online shop.

FILA Tennis and Sportswear for Women

Whether during a match on the tennis court or working at the gym - FILA will support you with both functional and casual sports clothing. Many of the garments, such as shirts and tights, are made of a breathable, air-permeable fabric that prevents perspiration. At the same time, they are either in the conventional FILA colours or present themselves in the Logomania trend with flashy logo prints. The tennis segment offers you a wide selection of trousers, skirts and skorts as well, thereby facilitating a strong performance on the court. The appropriate accessories, such as wristbands or caps, shouldn’t be missing, of course. That way, you can avoid any distracting hairs in your field of view and benefit from a great diversion of moisture. Find the appropriate shoes and accessories in the online store.

FILA Trends and Street Wear – Buy Women’s Fashion Online

The casual items by FILA are not just very comfortable but also quite trendy. That’s because the ’90s are back and with it FILA’s assortment is experiencing quite the comeback: athletic trousers, shirts or tracksuit tops in a vintage style. The brand also proves to be innovative with the long ankle skirt or the knit trousers of the fashion week collection. The items of the Ninetissimo collection, which pay homage to the ’90s and simultaneously inject modern ideas can be combined with it. As an ultimate climax, you will need one of the chunky trainers in order to fully complete the vintage style. To complete this goal, you can choose from a multitude of models, such as the Disruptor or the Mindblower, both impress with their unique design and high wearing comfort. Whichever you decide, FILA women’s fashion makes sure your wishes will be fulfilled.

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